In this short film, we talk to artisan Antonis Malamis at his workshop in Athens about his dying profession – maintaining and repairing pianos. Antonis explains why the piano is a mirror of its master and how decisions made under the Thatcher government in the 1980s continue to have dire effects on the present state of the UK industry nearly 30 years on.

The Piano Doctor
A film by Vana Alexopoulou

Direction and editing Vana Alexopoulou

Concept Alex Petsetakis
Sound Alex Mouratoglou
Camera Damianos Kartas, Vana Alexopoulou
Special thanks Antonis Malamis

This is a video that has been made for Port magazine.

For many people, camping is an outdoor recreational activity that the participants (known as campers) leave urban areas, their home region, or civilization and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually at a campsite (wikipedia). But what exactly is free camping and which are the real reasons behind it? Is it just an alternative way of vacation or does it have any political aspect? And actually, do campers really leave behind civilization or do they just recreate another form of it?
“Out of concrete” is a film that explores a different point of view in what camping can be, walks with the campers by the cliff, drinks with them coffee and goes for a walk in some beautiful landscapes.

The film has been screened in many International Documentary Film Festivals, like Portobello’s film Festival in London, Documentary Film Festival in Thessaloniki, Halkida’s Documentary Festival, etc.Οι-Ταινίες-του-5ου-ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ-ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΥ-ΝΤΟΚΙΜΑΝΤΕΡ-ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑΣ

How do we feel familiar with the space around us? Is there any way to make a room look more personal, when it is a part of a repetitive pattern?

How much can affect somebody’s life the military service?

Viking Wong

Vana Alexopoulou
Nikolas Ventourakis

Olivia Levoir @ D1

Stelios Chondros

Make Up
Martina Luisetti using MAC

Aris Chatzopoulos

Make Up Assistant
Katherine Vose

Fashion Assistants: Katy Webb, Clare Storey, Farah Ahmed

Viking Wong, Nikolas Ventourakis, Vana Alexopoulou

This is a film about stereotypes and eating disorders that we co-produced with Saskia Albers.

The film was screened in Naoussa’s International Film Festival.